Lead Water Services Replacement, at No Cost to Property Owner

Dear City of Middletown Residents/Businesses,

At the direction of Governor Cuomo the City of Middletown has received a grant from New York State Department of Health to replace Lead Water Services for homes or businesses that are in the City of Middletown and are supplied by City of Middletown Water System. If you suspect that you have a Lead, Brass or Galvanized Water Service line that extends from City Water Mains that are in the Street and into your house/building, please call us and we will arrange for a visit to verify the material of the water service.

The grant will pay for replacement of the water service from City Water Main in the Street and into your house/building, but prior to connection point to your water meter.

Please check construction material of your Water Service entering your house/building at the penetration point from the outside, and report it to Department of Public Works at 845-343-3169 as soon as possible, as the grant funds are limited. Please call us also if you are unsure of the type of water service that you may have and we'll be happy to visit and help make the determination.

Thank you.