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City of Middletown Police Department Board of Police Commissioners

The City of Middletown Police Department Board of Police Commissioners was established by City Charter in 1942.  The Police Commission was initially established to insulate the police force from politics.  The Police Commission consists of five civilian members including the Mayor, who serves as the Chair, and four other members, who each serve four year terms.  The police commissioners are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.  No more than two commissioners, in addition to the Mayor, may be from the same political party. 

The Police Commission serves a vital and essential service in the police department.  As a board, they have duties and powers as provided for in the City Charter Title VII.  Several of their duties include appointing police officers, promoting officers to sergeant and lieutenant, and selecting the chief of police from eligible candidates.  In addition, the police commission approves rules and regulations governing the police department.  They also may investigate personnel issues, hold hearings as needed, and discipline police officers as appropriate.  The Chief of Police serves as secretary of the Police Commission.  Meetings are held every third Thursday at 4:30 p.m. at the Mayor’s Office in City Hall located at 16 James Street on the first floor.  The first Board of Police Commissioners, which went into effect on July 1, 1942, was made up of Mayor H. H. Smith, J. Lester Burnett, Frank A. Monaghan, John D. Botti, and Robert F. Cunningham.  The current Police Commission is comprised of  Mayor Joseph M. DeStefano, Gene T. Vignola, J Miguel Rodrigues, Shawn Sullivan, and Deborah Mills. Chief John Ewanciw serves as the secretary. 




Mayor                                                              Lt John Ewanciw
Joseph DeStefano
  Chief John Ewanciw



MiguelRodriguesNew   Gene T. Vignola
J. Miguel Rodrigues   Gene T. Vignola



Shawn Sullivan    Deborah Mills

Shawn Sullivan



Deborah Mills